About Me

オオタマサシ Masashi Ota

Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Education: Hosei University, Osaka School of Music

Professions: Guitarist, Composer/Arranger, Programmer, Author, Author Supervision, Authoring


Started his career in music as a composer/arranger and recording engineer for stage music. Later, he performed regularly at ANA Hotels, mainly playing jazz and American standards, and also worked as a lecturer at a vocational school.

Under the guidance of Tatsuya Nomura, known for his production and management of bands like Sakanaquarium and BUMP OF CHICKEN (in alphabetical order), he supported the musician Masahiko Hashimoto. He also participated in composing and recording for various artists.

Simultaneously, he co-founded O2 SOUND with the bassist Katsuhiro Mafune (Ego Wrappin' / FLOWER FLOWER, etc).

Additionally, he has been involved in music production for over 20 years, working on commercials, web content, and other projects for major advertising agencies, listed corporations, educational institutions, and government organizations.

広島生まれ 大阪府出身 法政大学、大阪スクールオブミュージック卒業



サカナクション、BUMP OF CHICKEN(五十音順)などのプロデュース、マネジメントで知られる野村達矢氏のもとで、橋本昌彦をサポート。
並行してベーシスト真船勝博氏(Ego Wrappin' / FLOWER FLOWER etc)とO2 SOUNDを設立。